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International Art / Science / Strategy / Tactics Research Residency Programme:
Call for Proposals

MAKROLAB - Summer 2002
Atholl Estate, Perthshire, Scotland

The Arts Catalyst and Projekt Atol, offer research residencies at the MAKROLAB in May, June, and July 2002 on the Atholl Estate in Perthshire,

Scotland. This opportunity takes place during the International Year of Mountains, declared by the UN General Assembly.
The aim of the residency programme is to provide artists, strategic and tactical information analysts, scientists and social scientists (separate information sheet for scientists - see - with space and facilities
to undertake their own research in the global systems of: TELECOMMUNICATIONS, WEATHER AND CLIMATE, ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE and MIGRATIONS and give them the opportunity to fully concentrate on their work and interact in a creative and challenging dialogue with other
members of the crew.
We are also interested to receive proposals from artists for residencies to develop activities and projects with the local community and schools exploring these themes. This work could be the sole aspect of your application or alongside your research.
The MAKROLAB is a temporary sustainable research base, with living space for 4 - 6 people. It will be connected to the internet through a microwave link and equipped for transmitting signals on HF, VHF, UHF ranges and receiving signals in the ranges of 0.1 - 2000 MHz and the C and Ku bands.
The Atholl Estates is one of the largest estates in Scotland, situated on the edge of the Cairngorm mountains. The MAKROLAB will be situated in the Clunes Beat of the Atholl Estate. This is an area of rolling heather moorland with steep slopes nearby rising to the high tops of the southern side of the Cairngorm massif. We are looking for participants who will welcome the opportunity not only to undertake their own research in this environment, but who are also interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of this project.

Details of Opportunity

Length of stay on MAKROLAB: between 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the requirements of the research to be undertaken.

Stipend: £100 per week. Food and accommodation provided on the MAKROLAB.

Travel will be provided from within the UK. Overseas applicants will have to pay for their own travel to the UK.
Special travel grants could be provided on a case to case basis by Projekt Atol.
The duties of participants are to fully take part in the MAKROLAB daily task activities, which include:
- one daily video conference with the interested audience and observers;
- systems management, repair and overhaul;
- writing a diary of their daily work, schedule and publishing their results on the MAKROLAB web-site.

All personally produced material remains in the ownership of the participants, but they must agree to share all the material with the MAKROLAB project partners and crew.

The participants must be aware that they will work and live in a very small, concentrated and challenging environment.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own networkable computers, preferably notebooks, and any other equipment required for their research that is not provided as standard on the MAKROLAB.

Participants are selected on a competitive basis.

Background Information

The MAKROLAB is a high-tech, art-science project designed by Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan and managed by the Projekt Atol Institute. It is a temporary sustainable laboratory designed to support 4 - 6 artists and scientists working and living alongside each other in isolation for periods of up to 120 days.

The project is organised by UK science-art agency, the Arts Catalyst, with Projekt Atol, Slovenia, in partnership with the Atholl Estate, the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College (an Academic Partner of the UHI Millennium Institute) and the Tramway in Glasgow.

The MAKROLAB models a new kind of activity, sitting astride the traditional disciplinary divides. Its presence at Atholl Estate is intended to be high-impact in the realm of artistic and scientific information and education, yet low-profile in the physical environment.
It arrives in a container and after set up is plugged into communications networks and satellite links. It produces its own power from wind and solar panels.

MAKROLAB will be sited in the Tramway, Glasgow for two weeks in April 2002 prior to moving to the Atholl Estates.

For further information about Makrolab, see

How to Apply

Please send your proposal by
28 February 2002.

Proposals are to be sent to both addresses:

Makrolab Research Residencies
The Arts Catalyst
Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
London E1 6LS

Makrolab Research Residencies
Ane Ziherlove 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Proposals must include:

1. Name and contact
2. Description of research interests for working in the MAKROLAB and/or interest in developing activities and projects with local communities and schools (max. 3 pages)
3. Statement of interest in participating in the MAKROLAB as an interdisciplinary project (max. 2 pages)
4. Brief biography with education, employment and experience background, and an artistic portfolio or documentation
5. Length of required residencies and preference for dates, if any

If necessary, interviews will be held in February-March 2002.